TRB-Holsters® Kydex Outsider Lamp Secu 2 OWB (Custom)


The TRB-Holsters® Outsider Lamp Secu 2 OWB is a custom handmade holster from a virtually maintenance-free Kydex thermoplastic material. This OWB (Outside the WaistBand) holster with a level 2 security system allows the carrying of a handgun with a mounted flashlight/laser. The holster is thin and easy to conceal and the smooth low-friction surface allows for a fast draw and easy one-handed re-holstering of your handgun.

*ATTENTION!: Please make sure to write down which handgun and flashlight/laser models the Kydex holster needs to fit in the ORDER NOTES ON THE CHECKOUT PAGE (= after the cart page). The holster its compatibility list can be found in the product photos. If your handgun is not present on this list, please take contact with us, so we can look into the available options.

*NOTE: RTI holster mounting systems separately available. Check out: 1st Line Gear Accessories. The SLS system is discontinued and has been replaced with the AAP system.

*WARNING: Fitment of a firearm suppressor or airsoft mock suppressor/tracer unit is NOT possible!

Delivery: 1 – 4 weeks (shipped from Belgium)

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Key Features:

Velvet Holster Interior:
A layer of velvet material added to the interior of the holster to protect the handgun from the hard Kydex material against scratches.

Adjustable Retention:
The holster features an adjustable retention system. With the use of a screw the retention can be tightened or loosened to the shooter’s desire.

RTI Drilled:
The holster its rear holes are RTI drilled that allow it to be compatible with most holster mounting systems on the market like Blade-Tech®, Safariland®, Blackhawk®, etc.

Security Option:
The holster features a level 2 security system. Meaning it offers an additional active retention device above the passive friction retention of the holster itself. The holster can feature a WRS, AAP or SLV draw system. The WRS system requires to be “pressed towards you to open”, the AAP system requires a “press back to open” and the SLV system requires a “press forward to open”. Additionally an anti-pullout cover can be added as well to prevent a frontal thread from grabbing the handgun.
*Note: We don’t recommend to get a WRS security system if you also go for a “Free & Apparent RMR” cut.

RMR Cut Options:
An open cut in the Kydex material or an extended piece of Kydex to fit an RMR (Ruggedized Miniature Reflex sight) when using one on the handgun. A cut provides a free and apparent RMR with a holstered handgun, while an extended piece provides a covered and protected RMR.
*Note: The holster will NOT fit if an RMR is present and there’s no cut in the holster.

Professional EU Made Custom Kydex Holsters – TRB Holsters

Additional Information
Firearm or Replica

Firearm, Replica

Hand Dominance

Right, Left

Security Option

AAP + Anti-Pullout Cover, AAP, WRS + Anti-Pullout Cover, WRS, SLV + Anti-Pullout Cover, SLV


Covered & Protected RMR, Free & Apparent RMR, No


Multicam® Original, Coyote Brown – Spartan Helmet & Molon Labe, Storm Grey – Spartan Helmet & Molon Labe, American Flag, Carbon Fiber Coyote Brown, Carbon Fiber Green Olive Drab, Carbon Fiber Storm Grey, Carbon Fiber Black, Desert Fox Brown, Green Olive Drab, Grey Storm, Black

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