Templar’s Gear© CPC ROC Gen 3 Set (Custom)


The TG-CPC-ROC Gen 3 is a new version of Templar’s Gear© popular Crusader Plate Carrier ROC system. It is an advanced tactical vest designed to combine low weight with maximum user comfort. It is equipped with a rapid open connector buckles (cummerbund and harness) system and zippers on the back panel, which allows to install dedicated zip-on panels. Thanks to the laser cutting technology, the weight of the laminate is noticeably reduced and the camouflage integrity of the vest is maintained.

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Production: 15 – 20 weeks due to COVID-19, Delivery: 2 working days – 2 weeks (shipped from Belgium)


The Templar’s Gear© Crusader Plate Carrier Rapid Open Connectors allows to carry MOLLE compatible equipment on outer surface and SAPI/ESAPI hard ballistic inserts (M or L – depending on plate carrier size) with a back liner, in front and back internal pockets.

The standard set includes plate carriers (front/back), shoulder pads and a skeletal cummerbund (front plate carrier is fully MOLLE compatible, therefore the TG-CPC standard front panel is NOT included). Both the harness and cummerbund are adjustable and are mounted on rapid open connector buckles. The front panel is modular and changeable. The back panel allows to install dedicated zip-on panels.

The plate carrier is made of 500D Cordura® and a durable 500D-based Cordura® laminate. Both fabrics are also IRR treated. The M size fits SAPI M and comes with M cummerbund, the L size fits SAPI L and comes with L cummerbund.

Gen 3 Improvements

  • ROC buckles on shoulders are now removable
  • Fixed shoulder pad design
  • Redesigned shape of CC foam & Coolmax backing, provides better sweat distribution, airflow & comfort
  • More rugged buckles for front panel attachment
  • Removed elastic bands on buckles for front panel attachment
  • Slimmer PTT spots to work with more different PTTs
  • Plate bag flaps redesigned for a better hold of plates & easier use
  • Extra row of PALS slots on top of front plate bag
  • Internal plate pocket now finished with high-tensile Nylon fabric
  • Compatible with Velcro removable side panels, provide extra PALS space of 6×2 each) – sold separately


The size of the front and back plate bags can best be chosen based on which SAPI plate size you require for your body measurements. As for the cummerbund sizes you find the chest circumferences below.

  • M: 90 – 110 cm
  • L: 105 -125 cm


Care & Maintenance:

  • If a product gets dirty, please disassemble and rinse under cold, running water. If needed, clean gently with soft brush.
  • Hand wash using a technical soap in water colder than 30 °C. After washing rinse thoroughly.
  • Avoid machine wash or washing in higher temperatures as it might lead to laminate deterioration.
  • Dry in a shaded, ventilated place far from sources of high temperature or open flame.
  • Do not soak or dry wash.
  • Do not use other cleaning agents as recommended, do not use bleaches or solvents.
  • Do not tumble dry, dry in the open sun or using sources of high temperature or open flame.


Templar’s Gear CPC ROC Gen 3 – Before You Buy

Additional Information

Multicam, Multicam Tropic, Multicam Black, M81 Woodland, WZ93, ATACS Ghost, ATACS IX, Concamo, Coyote Brown, Ranger Green, Black, Steel Grey, Navy Blue, Orange


Size M (chest: 90-110 cm), Size L (chest: 105-125 cm)

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