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The Sumo Gear Combat Belt is a hand made product manufactured by an active Belgian soldier. The belt was designed to provide a high quality and trustworthy piece of equipment that’s ready for duty while being fairly priced.

The Combat Belt consist of an inner and outer belt construction which is ideal for easy placement or removal of your 1st line gear. Both belts attach through a Velcro® Onewrap system which is less abrasive to your clothing than regular hook-and-loops systems. The outer belt features laser cut MOLLE loops for the placement of your tactical equipment. Its construction allows for 8 cm more or less adjustment of the outer belt waist size for when weight is gained or lost. Thanks to its construction and the ANSI rated Austri Alpin COBRA® buckle it can handle more than 2 tons of pulling force.

This belt is customizable with choice in color setup for both the outer belt base and the MOLLE. Optionally you can also choose for a Cobra® buckle with implemented D-ring and/or a HK Style Snap Hook which will be positioned on the non-dominant side. Hand dominance and waist size need to be provided for the build.

Remind to add your waist size to the ordering note! How to do it? -> Check “Sizing” under the Description.

Delivery: 2 – 5 weeks (shipped from Belgium)

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Please use a tape measure to measure your waist circumference on the place where you plan to wear the belt. Ideally that’s at the belt loops of your pants, with the pant pulled up to normal height. No need to calculate extra spacing, as Sumo Gear will do that for you.
Please add your waist size to the ordering note.

Key Features:

Inner Belt:

The inner belt is made from a double layer of polyamide webbing which does not stretch when wet. The hook-and-loops used on the inner belt is from the Velcro® brand, no cheap substitutes.

Outer Belt:

Belt Base: The outer belt is made from a double layer of Mil-Spec webbing (MIL-W-4088-type 13) for the solid colors, or an equal quality for the Multicam® variants (breaking strength for both is around 3500 kg).

A 1.5 mm piece of HDPE is sandwiched (HDPE = High Density Poly-Ethylene) between the layers. This makes the belt stiffer length wise, especially when mounting heavy loads. HDPE is not subjected to loss of performance in cold or hot temperatures and will not crack when bent or sewn through.

The inside of the belt uses an injection molded Velcro® Onewrap hook. This Velcro® is less aggressive/abrasive on clothing for occasions where the outer belt is not used in conjunction with the inner belt.

Laser Cut MOLLE: The MOLLE part on the outer belt is made from a very durable Cordura® laminate (= 2 layers of Cordura® fabric glued together under pressure). This gives a very strong and lightweight fabric once it is laser-cut. The edges are seared closed and will not fray, giving it a very modern, lightweight and low-profile finish.

Stitching: The belt is stitched 5 times over the entire length and every other stress point is stitched 3 times. All using #69 bonded thread from A&E®. The thread has excellent properties like resistance to UV-light, rot, and mildew.

Buckle: The anodized matte black Austri Alpin COBRA® buckle is ANSI Z359.12-2009 rated for the highest safety standard. One-side opening is not possible even under load. It’s very easy in use, even with gloves, thanks to its bigger sized clips and the anodized treatment prevents paint chipping over time.

Size adjustability: The user’s dominant side of the outer belt is size adjustable for 8 cm more or less for when weight is gained or lost. This adjustment system locks with a Velcro® loop.


An earlier version of the Combat Belt has been put under a pulling test that generated over 2000 kg of force after which it still held fine. This made people joke about the belt being able to withstand even a sumo wrestler and that’s how the name came to be.


Colors: Both the outer belt base and laser cut MOLLE are available in Multicam®, Multicam Black®, Coyote Brown, Ranger Green and Black. Two-tone belts come with an extra cost.

D-ring: The Austri Alpin COBRA® buckle can come with an implemented D-ring for personal securing abilities in for example a helicopter.

HK Style Snap Hook: A snap hook can be implemented in the outer belt for easy carrying of gloves, ChemLights, etc. The hook is always constructed for the non-dominant side of the user.

You’ll Regret You Never Heard of This Duty Belt Before – Sumo Gear Combat Belt

Additional Information
Belt Color

Multicam®, Multicam Black®, Coyote Brown, Ranger Green, Black


Multicam®, Multicam Black®, Coyote Brown, Ranger Green, Black


No, Yes

HK Style Snap Hook?

No, Yes

Hand Dominance

Right, Left

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