Streamlight® Operator Flashlight Kit


A kit compiled of Streamlight® tactical flashlights to operate in low-light/night-time conditions. It includes 1x “Streamlight® Enduro® Pro Coyote” White/Green headlamp with 8 different outputs & a 45° tilting head and 1x USB rechargeable handheld flashlight, the super tough & slip-resistant “Streamlight® PolyTac® X USB” in black.

Delivery: 2 working days – 3 weeks (shipped from the Netherlands)

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Streamlight® Enduro® Pro Coyote:
The Enduro® Pro AAA Headlamp features two C4® power LEDs, and two green LEDs. There are a total of eight output modes. Three levels each for spot and flood and two for the night vision green LEDs. Battery replacement is effortless, just snap open the rear cover, no tools required. The new headband design is optimized for easy cleaning.
Key Features:

  • Lumens High: 200 (on spot), 135 (on flood)
  • Lumens Medium: 75 (on spot), 45 (on flood)
  • Lumens Low: 25 (on spot), 15 (on flood)
  • Run Time: 6h (on low), 14h (on medium), 38h (on high)
  • Max Candela High: 2 250 (on spot), 210 (on flood)
  • Max Candela Medium: 825 (on spot), 80 (on flood)
  • Max Candela Low: 300 (on spot), 20 (on flood)
  • Beam Distance High: 95m (on spot), 29m (on flood)
  • Beam Distance Medium: 57m (on spot), 18m (on flood)
  • Beam Distance Low: 35m (on spot), 9m (on flood)
  • Battery: Three “AAA” size, Alkaline batteries or AAA lithium cells.
  • ON/OFF: Multi-function push button switch. White Output Modes = Low, Medium, High and Off. Green Output Modes = Low, High, and Off. To change the lights beam from Spot to Flood, or to GREEN LEDs, Turn on the light, then press and hold the on/off button for two seconds until the light changes to flood. Release the button. To go to the Green LEDs repeat this process. To get back to the Spot beam, repeat the press and hold process again.
  • Case Material: Tough Polycarbonate thermoplastic construction with elastomer over mold. Easy color change from Black to Coyote and back with the snap on color cover.
  • Lens: Unbreakable polycarbonate lenses.
  • 45°tilting head
  • Light Source: Two White C4® LED technology, impervious to shock with a 50,000 hour lifetime, and two Green LEDs.
  • Ratings: IPX4 rated for water resistant operation. 2 meter impact resistance tested.


Product Includes:

  • Enduro® Pro w/ adjustable elastic head strap
  • Coyote & Black cover
  • 3x AAA Batteries
  • Manual


Streamlight® PolyTac® X USB:
A 600 lumens rechargeable system that comes with a 18650 USB battery with integrated USB charging port. Multi-battery versatility means the user can always use primary disposable cells to power the light if the rechargeable cell is out of power. The PolyTac® X is a bright and compact personal polymer light. It has superior grip texture for a comfortable/slip-resistant feel. TEN-TAP® programming allows different operating modes.

Key Features:

  • Lumens: 600 (on high), 260 (on medium), 35 (on low) with both 18650 & CR123A
  • Run Time High: 3h 30m (18650) & 2h 45m (CR123A)
  • Run Time Medium: 5h 45m (18650) & 5h 30m (CR123A)
  • Run Time Low: 36h (18650) & 34h (CR123A)
  • Max Candela: 11 485 (on high), 4 930 (on medium), 675 (on low) with both 18650 & CR123A
  • Beam Distance: 205m (on high), 135m (on medium), 50 m (on low) with both 18650 & CR123A
  • Battery: Multi-fuel – accepts 1x rechargeable 18650 Li-ion 3.7V 2600mAh or 2x 3V CR123A lithium
  • ON/OFF: Multi-function, push-button tactical tail switch. One handed operation of momentary, variable intensity or strobe mode.
  • TEN-TAP® Programming: Choice of 3 user selectable programs:  1) high/strobe/low 2) high only 3) low/high.
  • Case Material: High impact super tough nylon polymer for exceptional durability and a sure grip.
  • Lens: Glass lens, O-ring sealed.
  • Removable two-way pocket clip
  • Light Source: C4®LED technology, white, impervious to shock with a 50 000 hour lifetime.
  • Ratings: IPX7-rated (waterproof to 1m for 30 min). All openings o-ring sealed. 3 meter impact resistance tested.


Product Includes:

  • PolyTac® X USB
  • 1x Streamlight® 18650 USB Li-ion protected 3.7V 2600mAh rechargeable battery, recharges in 5 hours.
  • USB cord
  • Manual


Warranty: Streamlight’s Limited Lifetime Warranty warrants this product to be free of defect, including the LED, for a lifetime of use. We will repair, replace or refund the purchase price, at our option, of any Streamlight product that does not work as a result of a manufacturing defect for as long as you own it. This limited lifetime warranty excludes abuse, batteries, switches, electronics and normal wear and tear. Switches and electronics have a two year warranty with proof of purchase.

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