Streamlight® Handgun & Long Gun Kit (Combo Packs)



Combined packages to fully equip your hand gun and long gun with Streamlight® tactical lighting. Choices go from different setups to various item colors and optional choices exist from different flip-up covers to rechargeable batteries. Check the description for flip-up lens compatibility options.
Packs are offered with a discount!

Delivery: 2 days – 3 weeks (shipped from the Netherlands)

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Options For Hand Gun:

Options For Long Gun:

Optional Flip-Up Lens:

  • Green Flip-Up Lens: Creates a less noticeable light beam and heightens contrast in the dark.
  • Red Flip-Up Lens: Preserves your natural night-vision in the dark.
  • IR Flip-Up Lens: For with the use of devices that can detect IR light, such as night vision goggles and IR cameras.

*NOTE: The Flip-Up Lens is only compatible with the TLR-1s®, the TLR-1®, the ProTac Rail Mount 1 & the ProTac Rail Mount 2.

Optional USB Battery:
The 18650 USB Lithium-Ion battery provides an alternate power source for newer Streamlight® products that accept either a standard CR123A or 18650 battery. It features an integrated safety circuit that protects from overcharging or over-discharging. The 18650 battery with integrated micro USB port charges in 5 hours. A wide variety of power sources can be used, such as a PC, power pack or 12V/DC automotive power.

Additional Information
Handgun Light

TLR-1s®, TLR-1® HL Black, TLR-1® HL Flat Dark Earth, TLR-1® HL Flat Dark Earth Brown, TLR-3®, TLR-7A® FLEX

Long Gun Light

TLR™ RM 1, TLR™ RM 2, ProTac® Rail Mount 1, ProTac® Rail Mount 2, ProTac® Rail Mount HL-X

Include Flip-up Lens?

Green, Red, IR, No

Include USB Battery? (for HL-X only)

Yes, No

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