Spar-Tac® Boonie Hat Camo

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The Spar-Tac® Boonie Hat is guided by the idea to provide breathability with maximum protection from the sun’s rays. This is accomplished with a breathable mesh and a medium wide rim. With this design better evaporation of sweat has been achieved.

Original Multicam coming soon!

Delivery: 4 days – 3 weeks (shipped from Croatia)

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Key Features:

  • Top of the hat features 3 elastic drawstrings for attaching camo elements
  • Slits around the mesh for inserting camo elements
  • Velcro spot on the front to raise the rim for a clear view while looking through a scope or binoculars
  • Velcro strip at the top of the hat

Used Materials Mesh Part:

  • 100% polyester mesh

Used Materials:

  • Multicam®: 220g/m2 50/50 cotton/polyamide Cordura® (NYCO), RIPSTOP
  • M81 Woodland: 220g/m2 50/50 cotton/polyamide Cordura® (NYCO), RIPSTOP
  • CROPAT: 225g/m2 50/50 cotton/polyamide Cordura® (NYCO), RIPSTOP


Measure you head circumference by placing a measuring tape around your head above your ears, across the mid-forehead, completely circling your head. Note that the given head circumference on the chart is the maximum allowed circumference for that specific size.

Additional Information

M81 Woodland, CROPAT Desert, CROPAT Woodland, CROPAT Navy


S (50 cm), M (54 cm), L (58 cm), XL (62 cm)

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