Reconbrothers® Direct Action® Spitfire® MKII Plate Carrier Setup 2022 (Custom Combo Packs)



The Reconbrothers® Direct Action® 2022 Plate Carrier Setup compiled from the Spitfire® line. This setup is created and optimized on our experience throughout the years of doing what we do. It’s a minimalistic setup that follows our 3 fundamental factors: “Easy accessibility”, “mobility efficiency” and “minimal stuff”. This one introduces a new 4th factor as well which is “versatility”.

Optionally you can add the Spitfire® Cutaway System that allows for immediate release and field reassemble without cutaway elements.
Packs are offered with a discount!

In need for plates? Check out: Plates

Production: 8 – 16 weeks due to tender period, Delivery: 2 working days – 2 weeks (shipped from Belgium)


Kit Contains:



  • 1x Direct Action® Spitfire® Cutaway System in same color and size as set -> Link to product
  • 1x Free Reconbrothers® Velcro Patch -> Link to product
  • Assembled Delivery: For an additional cost, we’ll fully assemble the setup and have it shipped to you ready for use. Note that size fitment will still be needed.


Improvements compared to 2021 version:
Provided the option to choose the “Direct Action® Spitfire® MKII Utility Back Panel” instead of the “Direct Action® Spitfire® Assault Panel” for those preferring more carrying space. The “Direct Action® Speed Reload Rifle Pouch” & the “Direct Action® Spitfire® MOLLE Wing” on the right side of the plate carrier have been removed (generally It’s better to carry an extra magazine on your belt, reducing the weight on your shoulders). At last a “Direct Action® Utility Pouch Small®” has been added on the left cummerbund to store & easily access small items and/or snacks (because without water or food you won’t get very far).


  • Size M: Chest up to 120 cm, Width x Height = 26,7 cm x 34,3 cm, Fits SAPI/ESAPI Medium plates with backers or industrial standard: 10×12 inch multicurve plates.
  • Size L: Chest up to 130 cm, Width x Height = 26,7 cm x 38,1 cm, Fits SAPI/ESAPI Large plates with backers or similar ballistic inserts.
  • Size XL: Chest up to 140 cm, Width x Height = 28,2 cm x 43,3 cm, Fits SAPI/ESAPI Extra Large plates with backers or similar ballistic inserts.


Color of full pack of choice. Available in Crye™ Multicam®, Coyote Brown, Ranger Green, Black. Some photos with ranger green products feature brown parts. These are from before Direct Action® started using IRR ranger green materials. On the new designs these parts are black.

Reconbrothers Direct Action Plate Carrier Setup 2021


Direct Action Spitfire MKII – Before You Buy

Additional Information

Crye™ Multicam®, Coyote Brown, Ranger Green, Black


Size M (SAPI/ESAPI Medium or 10×12” plates), Size L (SAPI/ESAPI Large plates), Size XL (SAPI/ESAPI Extra Large plates)

Back Panel

Assault Panel, MKII Utility Panel


MKII Rapid Access Cummerbund, MKII Modular Cummerbund Slim

Cutaway System?

Yes, No

Free Patch?

Yes, No

Assembled Delivery?

Yes, No

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