Reconbrothers® Direct Action® Gun Belt Setup 2022 (Custom Combo Packs)



The Reconbrothers® 2022 Gun Belt Setup of Direct Action©’s collection. The belt is the lightest and most simple of Direct Action®’s assortment, but is stiff and strong enough for an excellent retention. The setup is easy to put on and off with all equipment attached.

The selection of universal pouches gives the ability to carry nearly any pistol and AR magazines that are both quick to access and greatly retained at the same time (mags will even hold when snagged). Also the option of adding a dump pouch and/or a MED pouch and/or a tourniquet pouch are possible.
Packs are offered with a discount!

Production: 8 – 16 weeks due to tender period, Delivery: 2 working days – 2 weeks (shipped from Belgium)


Kit Contains:




Improvements compared to 2021 version:
Provided the option to choose the “Direct Action® Compact MED Pouch Horizontal” instead of the “Direct Action® MED Pouch Horizontal MKIII®” for carrying a trauma kit onto the belt. This newer version has a smaller profile and provides the ability to carry a tourniquet & lightsticks directly onto it. However it isn’t provided to carry a pair of scissors and for that reason we added the “Direct Action® Shears Pouch®” into this option (this one is simply mounted on the back of the internal pouch with its Velcro backing).


  • Size M: 90-100 cm
  • Size L: 100-110 cm
  • Size XL: 110-120 cm


Color of full pack of choice. Available in Crye™ Multicam®, Coyote Brown, Ranger Green, Black

Reconbrothers Direct Action Belt Setups 2021


Direct Action Belts – Before You Buy

Additional Information

Crye™ Multicam®, Coyote Brown, Ranger Green, Black


Size M (90 – 100 cm), Size L (100 – 110 cm), Size XL (110 -120 cm)

MED Pouch?

Horizontal MKIII, Compact Horizontal + Shears, No

Dump Pouch?

Yes, No

Tourniquet Pouch?

Yes, No

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