Jaktkit Knife Knv2 Mil (Sets)


The Jaktkit Knv2 Mil is a knife developed after long-term testing (89 specific performance requirements) in collaboration with special units from the Swedish police and the military.

This knife is a special edition with a durable and corrosion resistant coating that gives it a covert black look. The knife features a unique extreme “V-edge” grind and its olive green TPEE handle is age-and chemical resistant and secures your grip in all weather conditions.

The knife comes with a self-locking Kydex sheath that also allows the addition of a FYR fire-steel.

The Knv2 Mil is made for the most demanding challenges and the ultimate tool for survival applications.

Delivery: 2 working days – 2 weeks (shipped from Belgium)

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Key Features:

  • Blade Length: 110 mm (4 1/3”)
  • Total Length: 234 mm (9 1/5”)
  • Blade Thickness: 5,1 mm (1/5”)
  • Tang: Wide, protruding
  • Coating: Black (durable and corrosion resistant)
  • Weight: 205 g (7,2 oz) – 290 g with sheath (7,4 oz)
  • Steel: 99Cr18MoV
  • Hardness: 59 HRC
  • Handle: Olive Green TPEE (age-and chemical resistant)
  • Sheath: Self-locking Kydex
  • Guarantee: 10 years


Jaktkit “V-edge”:
A hybrid edge derived from long-term testing in demanding Arctic and crafted to perfection. Merging cutting performance of a full flat grind with the improved strength of a convex edge.

”Less = more”:

  • No gut hook that weakens the blade, instead it features a solid drop point blade suited for gutting.
  • No trendy false edge at the tip, since it’s more likely to break your baton when splitting wood.
  • No fancy G10 or Micarta handle with fully exposed steel that will freeze your hands during winter.
  • No classic leather sheath that collect germs every time you put your dirty knife back after gutting.


Optional Fire-Steel:
A powerful FYR fire-steel can be added to the Jaktkit Kydex sheath. This fire-steel creates great sparks and lets you start a fire quickly in all weather conditions. Both the spine, edge and the sharp groove close to the handle on the edge side can be used to create sparks. Thanks to its coating the Knv2 Mil will produce great sparks straight out of the box.

Review by Instructor Delta (Former Georgian SOF):
“I used the knife on several bushcraft knife techniques and tried to be violent while doing so. I tested it by creating great impact on stone and wood and I’m impressed with its quality and resistance. I also liked the rubber handle which gives me a good grip when my hands are wet or dirty. I believe the Knv2 is a very good knife for survival and other outdoor activities.”


  • Wash knife and sheath by hand using washing liquid or soap.
  • Remove the knife from its sheath after long snowy/rainy endeavors and let it dry.
  • Wipe with a rag from time to time when on the go.
  • When the blade is dry, lubricate with what grease. Preferable vegetable oil since for cutting edibles in a hunting/survival situation.
  • Avoid strong industrial petroleum based greases.



  • A €5 dual-grit whetstone will be completely adequate to sharpen the knife.
  • Put whetstone in water until bubbles stop.
  • Sharpen knife by manually moving back and forth on the stone. Add a small quantity of water when needed to keep moist (however, avoid overflowing).
  • The hissing sound will indicate that the sharpening angle is correct.
  • Continue from side to side and alternate more often the closer you get to full sharpness.
  • Look directly at the edge in good light its full length should be a very thin dark line. Any reflection indicates that that spot has not reached full sharpness. You can also feel.
  • When the edge is good, change to the fine side of whetstone. Do a number of passes, alternating between sides.
  • Finish with stropping the knife on a leather belt.


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