Gearskin™ Lazzer MOHOC® Camouflage Pre-Cut


Gearskin™ is an innovative self-adhesive fabric with outstanding features compliant with high military standards. It is the most versatile self adhesive high-tech fabric available on the worldwide market and offers users to create personalized camouflage solutions for each specific situation.

Cameras performing in though conditions deserve proper camouflage and IRR protection. Besides IRR protection, Gearskin™ provides better grip in any conditions, even when using gloves. It also breaks the human eye known couture while providing a mechanical and chemical protection at very minor weight increase (a few grams). It’s acid/ water/ oil/ dust proof and kills all possible reflections (both natural and artificial).

Delivery: 2 – 10 working days (shipped from Croatia)

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*Note: This is a special laser cut package of Gearskin™ for the use with MOHOC® cameras.


  • Water/ oil/ dirt/ acid repellant
  • Numerous times reusable: Simple remove & reapply
  • Extremely durable and strong – up too 10 000 abrasive cycles (lab tested) & a 5 cm stripe cracks/ snaps at 126 kg/ 277 pounds of pressure
  • CORDURA® brand fabrics
  • Rip-stop/ Twill weave (agile, lightweight & super strong)
  • Compatible colors
  • IR resistant camo & excellent NIR properties – eliminates flash and conceals
  • OEKO TEX Class II certified (safe for human skin and eco friendly production)
  • Shelf life = Unlimited

Gearskin™ Smart Adhesive™:
Gearskin™ Smart Adhesive™ can grip to almost any surface. Once applied you can remove it, realign, stick it again and do it hundreds of times with minimal loss of its properties. It can be crumpled and straightened, two adhesive sides bonded, and still retain its adhesive properties. The longer you keep Gearskin™ on, the stronger it bonds (increase in temperature will fasten this process).

How to use it:

  1. Prepare the essential tools (scissors, scalpel and pen are recommended)
  2. Tailor the piece you want to apply
  3. Apply (for the best results use on a clean and dry surface)

How to clean it:

  • Water/ oil/ acid: Shake out, wipe with dry cloth and the Gearskin™ is as new
  • Dirt: Dry out & scrape off residue
  • Adhesive residue removal: Use the adhesive side of Gearskin™ to pick up adhesive residue from surfaces

This is NOT Just any Camo Tape! – Gearskin

Additional Information

Multicam® Original, Multicam® Black, Multicam® Arid, Multicam® Tropic, A-Tacs® AU, A-Tacs® FG, Desert 3 Color, Digital Desert, Digital Desert V1, Digital Navy, Digital Woodland, Digital Woodland V1, Flecktarn 3 Color DE, Flecktarn 5 Color WL, PenCott® GreenZone, PenCott® Sandstorm, V-Camo, SloCam, Woodland, Mimetico Vegetato, Ranger Green, Olive, Tan, Khaki/Coyote Tan, Black, White

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