CamelBak® ArmorBak™ 3L Mil Spec Crux™ Reservoir (Sets)


The ArmorBak is specifically designed to attach directly to the back of an IOTV, MTV or plate carrier with the CamelBAak® Direct Armor Attachment System (D.A.A.S.™). The system eliminates the need for shoulder straps and minimizes side-to-side movement. The D.A.A.S.™ system also enables the user to pressurize the included 3L, 100oz Mil Spec Crux™ Reservoir for rinsing equipment in the field.

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Key Features:

  • 3L/ 100 fl oz
  • Dimensions: 41x25x8 cm/ 16x10x3 in
  • BPA/BPS/BPF Free
  • Type: Removable Mil Spec Crux™ 3L Short Reservoir with Quicklink™ System -> Link to product
  • D.A.A.S.™ (Direct Armor Attachment System) quick release buckles allow for a one-time set up and rapid attachment/removal from any plate carrier with MOLLE
  • D.A.A.S.™ Quick Attach Pressure Strap increases stability and makes on-the-move hydration, rinsing glasses and goggles easier
  • Dual zippers for quick reservoir removal and easy refill
  • 5 mm closed-cell foam on front and back panels for insulation
  • Infra-red compliant fabric, buckles and webbing
  • Add or remove name tags and unit badges quickly with integrated hook-and-loop
  • Uses 500D Double-rip Cordura® Fabric for the ultimate combination of strength and durability


Optional: CamelBak® Mil Spec Reservoir Cleaning Kit
The all-in-one tool kit for faster and more effective cleaning and drying. Optimized for reservoirs with Quick Link™ System.

Key Features:

  • BPA/BPS/BPF Free
  • Reservoir hanger clicks easily into Mil Spec Crux™ Reservoir Quick Link™ port
  • Detached tube clicks easily into hanger clip
  • Tube brush, reservoir brush, and cleaning tabs help keep your reservoir clean and taste-free
  • Extra-long cleaning brush perfect for cleaning CamelBak reservoirs, including Long Neck Water Beast™, Omega® Water Beast™, Mil Spec Antidote® and Mil Spec Crux® reservoirs


Optional: CamelBak® MAX Gear Cleaning Tabs™
Keep your reservoir free from taste and odor and ready for your next adventure. Fast-acting tablets are easy to use and work in just 5 minutes. 8 Cleaning tablets per pack.

Key Features:

  • Periodic cleaning with CamelBak® Cleaning Tabs™ keeps reservoir and tube free from taste and odor.
  • CamelBak® Cleaning Tabs™ work in just 5 minutes for a thorough cleaning.
  • 8 Cleaning tablets per pack.


Reservoir Care & Cleaning:

  • Fill reservoir 1/2 full with warm water and mild soap. Use 2 tablespoons of baking soda, bleach or CamelBak® Cleaning Tabs for a deep cleaning.
  • Shake reservoir to mix water solution.
  • Elevate the reservoir so drink tube exit port is at the base and Big Bite™ Valve is below the reservoir.
  • Pinch bite valve, allowing solution to flow into drink tube, and through the bite valve. For a deep clean, let reservoir and solution sit for 30 min.
  • When deep cleaning: remove solution and repeat using warm water/ mild soap solution.
  • Wash reservoir. You can use CamelBak® brushes from the Cleaning Kit to scrub the reservoir and tube. When deep cleaning, make sure you completely rinse away any bleach or cleaning solution.
  • After washing, rinse away cleaning solution in the reservoir and drink tube.
  • Drain all remaining water. The reservoir is ready to use.
  • If storing, air dry reservoir with Reservoir Dryer™ accessory so no moisture is trapped inside.


Pack Deep Cleaning:

  • Soak it in warm or cool water with some mild soap.
  • Rinse it thoroughly with cool water (skip this step, and you might end up creating some suds the next time you sweat with your pack on).
  • Hang it up to air dry.


Camelbak Mil Spec Crux – Before You Buy

Additional Information
Weight 500 g
Dimensions 41 × 25 × 8 cm

Multicam, Coyote

Include Cleaning Kit?

Yes, No

Include Extra Cleaning Tablets?

Yes, No

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