ACTinBlack® Night Vision Monocular PVS-14LTE (Custom on Request)

The new Light PVS-14 is completely ITAR free. There is no limitation on supply and there is no paperwork!

The PVS-14LTE is a non-manual gain version of the popular PVS-14, with the full feature
set of the PVS-14 including auto shut off function when helmet mounted and flipped up.

The rugged design is combat proven and extremely durable. It’s built for combat. A wide range of standard PVS- 14 accessories are available, from rail mounts to magnification lenses. This provides the user with an
unmatched flexibility.

An integrated IR illuminator can be activated to provide a good image even in the darkest of places where no light is available, such as closed buildings and underground structures.

FREE Gearskin™ Pre-Cut Wrap of your choice included with your order! Available colors are Multicam®, Multicam® Black, Multicam® Arid, Woodland, Flecktarn 5 Color WL & White.

Product only available on request through e-mail:

WARNING!: EU shipment ONLY (shipped from Belgium). This product is conform to the EU dual use regulations, however your local laws may be more restricted.



Kit Includes:

  • Eyecup
  • AA Battery
  • Soft Carry Case
  • User Manual

Image Intensifiers:

Photonis© ECHO

  • Resolution: 57 lp/mm
  • SNR: 24
  • Sensitivity: N/A
  • FOM: min 1500 – max 1800
  • Photonis© Echo tubes with wide spectrum bandwidth. They see what others do not see. Echo tubes allow for more spots, but at a great value and performance.

Photonis© ECHO+

  • Resolution: 57 lp/mm
  • SNR: 26
  • Sensitivity: N/A
  • FOM: min 1800
  • Photonis© Echo+ tubes with wide spectrum bandwidth. They see what others do not see. Echo+ tubes allow for more spots, but at a great value and performance. Compared to regular Echo tubes these have a min FOM.

Harder Gen3 1600 FOM

  • Resolution: min 64 lp/mm
  • SNR: min 24

  • Sensitivity: min 1800 uA/lm
  • FOM: min 1600
  • Very good quality for an affordable price. Specifications are mostly close to the minimal specifications,  Around US Gen 3 OMNI5 from its performance/specifications.

Harder Gen3 1800 FOM

  • Resolution: min 64 lp/mm
  • SNR: min 25
  • Sensitivity: min 1800 uA/lm
  • FOM: min 1800
  • Great specifications and sensitivity usually around 2200 uA/lm. Mostly slightly above the minimal specifications. Around US Gen3 OMNI 6-7 from its performance/specifications.

White Phospor

  • White light feels more natural in low light environments and therefor causing less eye fatigue and having a noticeably perceived brighter image
  • Most of these tubes use state of the art technology
  • Low decay time
  • White light allows the use of the rod cells in the eye which are most sensitive in low light which can create a brighter perceived image


lp/mm or “Line Pairs Per Millimeter”:
The higher, the better image resolution. Typically Gen1+ have 40 lp/mm while Gen3 have 64-72 lp/mm

SNR or “Signal-to-Noise Ratio”:
Determines the low-light resolution of an image tube. The higher the SNR, the better the tube can resolve objects under low-light conditions with good contrast. It’s therefore the best single indicator of an image intensifier its performance.

FOM or “Figure of Merit”:
Image Intensification tube specification designation (FOM = lp/mm x SNR)

uA/lm or “MicroAmperes Per Lumen”:
The photocathode sensitivity is a measure of how well the image intensifier tube converts light into an electronic signal so it can be amplified. This data is always measured without a film, which is critical for a tube. The film takes away over 50% of this measurement and therefore a 1800 uA/lm tube is actually closer to 900 uA/lm.

This offers the tube better protection and prevents resolution loss in high light conditions.

Optional FREE Gearskin™ Wrap:
Gearskin™ is an innovative self-adhesive fabric with outstanding features compliant with high military standards. It is the most versatile self adhesive high-tech fabric available on the worldwide market and offers users to create personalized camouflage solutions for each specific situation. This is a pre-cut ready for the PVS-14LTE.

Optional Mount & Adapter:

  • Cadex J-Arm for PVS-14: A adapter required to mount the PVS-14LTE with a bayonet helmet mount or a head-mount.
    -> Link to product

  • Cadex Flip-Up Mount – Bayonet (Composite): A composite bayonet mount to mount the PVS-14LTE onto a helmet shroud.
    -> Link to product

  • Cadex Low Profile Mount – Bayonet: An aluminum bayonet mount to mount the PVS-14LTE onto a helmet shroud.
    -> Link to product

Additional Information
Weight 335 g
Dimensions 10.4 × 6 × 5 cm
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