PayPal does not offer this service for Belgian Companies. We’re looking into other ways to make this work for you.

Please contact us through shop@reconbrothers.com so we can have a look at the issue. We try to come back to you within 24 hours.


Products shown with price ranges are products that allow you to choose options. These are in fact multiple products that relate to each other rather than being one single product. Only once you have selected the options you require, you will get a specific price tag and in case with the “Combo Packs” you’ll also get a view of the discount that applies.

A product name that has “Sets” between brackets in the end is a product that can optionally come with extra accessories. The pricing mentioned by these products are shown as a price range and only show an exact price once you’ve selected all your options. Unlike, the “Combo Packs” these don’t come with an additional discount.

A product name that has “Custom” between brackets in the end is either a product that gets specially build on your request or a product for which you can choose certain design options. These products can’t be returned with the exception of manufacturing mistakes.

A product name that has “Combo Packs” between brackets in the end is a product that comes in many different combinations. These are an initiative to make you save some money, when buying something that requires quite a budget. These combos always come with discounts compared to getting all the pieces separately.

We try to make the combinations as broad as possible e.g. in colors, sizes, additional accessories, etc. This so hopefully many can enjoy the benefits of these bargains. The pricing mentioned by these products are shown as a price range and only show an exact price with discount once you’ve selected all your options.

You can fill in our order/request form to request/order a certain product. If the brand is not available in our shop your order will be treated as a request. This means we’ll look into the possible ways to get you your desired products.


If your delivery didn’t make it within the mentioned period of time, please check your tracking link to follow up on the delivery. All the deliveries have a track and trace option implemented. In case this wouldn’t help you out or you think it’s taking too long, please contact us through shop@reconbrothers.com.

If you can’t select your country as a valid shipping option, please contact us through shop@reconbrothers.com to receive shipping details.

If you think a certain product is missing from your delivery, please check whether you have another shipment coming. It may be that the products you ordered are being shipped from another location. If this isn’t the case, please contact us through shop@reconbrothers.com ASAP.

The way we operate ensures a larger product availability. For this we made deals with the brands themselves and with their big distributors that deliver their products to the Military and Law Enforcement.

The “downside” is that though Reconbrothers BVBA is located in Belgium, not every product ships from Belgium. This means that the time to ship depends on where you live and where the product comes from. To be legally correct we gave up a delivery period in which your product will be delivered. Shipments to other continents than the EU, may take longer than the given durations, if this is the case you will be informed.

Due to our shop working with suppliers from all over the world who mostly take shipment on their behalf, shipping costs may vary. Shipping costs are separated in shipping classes for different suppliers. These are always shown in your shopping cart. Free shipping is possible for some of these classes, to find out when shipping is free you can take a look at our shipping chart

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