“Underrated” is a page dedicated to showcase products and brands that deserve more attention in our opinion.


Revision® is a company dedicated to the protection of eyesight in the most rigorous conditions imaginable. Their eyewear doesn’t just meet testing expectations, they exceed it far ahead of the competition! And that is highly noticeable when using one.

For instance, Revision® their spectacles provide the same ballistic protection as a ballistic visor does. This while being ultra lightweight, low profile and providing a maximum field of view. They’re also extremely durable, adjustable to the user, comfortable with other headwear products and can take different lenses as well as a prescription lens system.

But that’s not all! Revision® their OcuMax® Plus technology is proven to be the #1 anti-fog and scratch-resistant coating in the world. This coating drastically exceeds the industry standard of 8 seconds by over 100 seconds when exposed to a constant heat of 50°C!

Innovation never stops at Revision®. One of their latest innovations is the release of Lazerbloc® lenses which provides an additional protection against laser beams. If you choose Revision®, you’ll meet maximum protection with unhindered performance capabilities. Check out our assortment.


Streamlight® is an A-brand and a market leader for flashlights in many different industries (outdoor, tactical, safety, etc). Their weapon & tactical range are being used by military & law enforcement units around the world due to their practicality, features and reliability in harsh conditions.

Streamlight® doesn’t take its research and development lightly. They have an enormous team of engineers continuously working on pushing the boundaries of what a modern flashlight is capable of. Their latest products belong amongst the lightest, smallest, toughest and most innovative lights on the market. This while maintaining great outputs and beam profiles for a variety of situations.

Streamlight® also provides a great & quick warranty service in Europe. Even if your light starts to wear out after a decade of use, a simple replacement part can make it last for another 10 years. This ensures your money is certainly well-spend.

But be warned! There are a vast amount of knock-offs on the market! Some are so well made that only a product expert can see it. These lights are usually cheaper than the official prices, but will fail to meet expectations. We guarantee to deliver only the genuine product. Check out our assortment.


CamelBak® is company that has become the standard for outdoor drinking systems. Their innovations over the years have created technologies that are trusted by people facing conditions of nature & warfare.

Staying hydrated is essential and storing water as efficiently as possible is one thing, but providing a system that can withstand harsh conditions is another. And for this the CamelBak®’s Mil Spec Crux™ line is the most advanced one currently available.

The Mil Spec Crux™ features a puncture free & leak proof Polyurethane bag that comes with an embedded Hydroguard technology, which inhibits the growth of bacteria. The easy-to-fill bag has a big cap that doesn’t require an o-ring which can be lost. Its Quick Link™ system allows the attachment or removal of tubes, in-line purifiers and other accessories without leakages while the Hydrolock allows for an easy one-handed on/off flow. The fixed insulated tube cover protects water from harmful UV-rays and maintains its temperature while the self-sealing bite valve eliminates drips. The water-flow has also been increased with 25% which is similar to drinking from a glass.

The CamelBak® Mil Spec Crux™ is available in various volume designs and can also come in backpack versions, whereas the Crux™ system can be taken out. Unlike what you can normally find, we only offer the tactical versions. Check out our assortment.


The UphillSport® Tactical collection is designed upon the experience of the Finnish military. By understanding the battlefield demands, the extreme Finnish weather conditions (-52°C to +35°C), and the rough usage, UphillSport® has created the best socks to face these conditions.

The value of good socks is highly underestimated and people usually think that decent boots alone will do fine. But nothing is less true! Feet can easily loose more than 300 ml of water per foot on an active day. The wrong socks can’t remove all this moisture and wet feet get blisters or even wounds. Good socks allow your feet to breath, keep them warm or cool and thus make a huge difference in your physical performance.

What makes these so special is the fact that Uphillsport® is one of few companies in the world that succeeded in knitting different materials through each other. This gives an optimal use of every single material for each part of the foot. Think about insulation, moisture transfer, shock-absorption, breathability, etc. The socks are also extremely durable, have a great fit, stay up and feature a seamless toe which make them comfortable in even uncomfortable situations.

Uphillsport® Tactical socks belong amongst the most multipurpose socks ever created and are being used by various military and even special operation units around the world. Check out our assortment.


A knife forms the basis for any survival situation, but not all knives are made equal. Jaktkit is a company that has made its mission to forge knives that can withstand the most demanding situations. The Knv2 Mil is Jaktkit’s ultimate tactical version that has been rigorously tested in 89 specific performance requirements. This was done in collaboration with special units from the Swedish police and military.

Behind the seemingly simple design of the Knv2 Mil hides a beast on a performance level. It features a durable and corrosion resistant coating that gives its covert black look. The knife also has a unique extreme “V-edge” grind and its olive green TPEE handle is age-and chemical resistant. This handle guarentees your grip in all weather conditions, good and bad.

The knife comes with a self-locking Kydex sheath that also allows the addition of a powerful FYR fire-steel that creates great sparks and allows the start of a fire quickly in all weather conditions.

All by all, the Jaktkit Knv2 Mil is a knife built to never let its user down in whatever challenge they may face. It is carried by some of the most elite units in Europe because of its extreme reliability and Jaktkit takes high pride in providing this underdog to the very best. Check out the product.